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FASText and it's QR coding feature is the subject of a Medical Economics Article

Use of QR codes using FASText at Skyline Family Practice is discussed in the June 25, 2012 feature article in Medical Economics (link to article). Paraphrasing Dr. Pegis, "Current use of QR codes is like using a high-end laptop computer for a paperweight". Taking QR codes to the next level, the article discusses use of QR codes for all types of patient care processes engaging patients and getting them involved in their medical care. Since the article, many practices across the nation have already downloaded the trial version of FASText 3.0.0. As an example, the QR code to the right is the URL to the Medical Economics article (created with FASText).
Scan the code with your smart phone!

FASText version 3.0.0 is now released.

Dr. Pegis has been working tirelessly on version 3.0.0 and Drs. Bradd and Bernard (along with the staff of Skyline Family Practice) have finished alpha testing and, as of early June 2012, are in beta testing of this much improved product. It's official release date is July 9, 2012.

Here are some of the improvements:

  • The database of FASText is now binary (was text based). Why is this good (you may ask)? Making the data binary considerably speeds up what was ALREADY a fast program. This is especially important with embedded image files that you may use in your FASText files (like signature images, etc).
  • Bugs (really only known to us) have been fixed pre-emptively. This will enhance your experience.

Use of QR Codes (using FASText) at Skyline Family Practice

As you know, the QR code creation, available in FASText (since version 2.8.0), is a powerful and easy to use feature which enhances patient education and engagement. The patients use their smart phones to scan QR codes created on-the-fly by FASText. This includes medication lists, patient education hand-outs, website URLs and contact information that is easily created in QR code format by FASText. Go to videos to see a demonstration on YouTube. (Go to the video page)

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