Welcome fellow Practice Partner Users!

We've been working very hard to create an add-on program to help you do your charting faster in Practice Partner McKesson Patient RecordsĀ®.

FASText allows you more control over nearly every text section of the record (from text sections, to messaging, to even the extended signature section of the prescription section, webview and others). See the features link below.

Below is the link to download your free trial version of FASText. Once you try it, we are sure you will find it one of the most useful add-on products you use with Patient RecordsĀ®. Indeed, this program works with ANY Windows program that allows text editing.

LINK to: FASText program
This will take you to the Caduceus Digital Systems store. Choose the FASText for $0.00 (this is the trial version). You will need to add it to the "BASKET" and just answer a few simple questions so the download link will be emailed to you. From the email, click on the link just save the program (suggested) to your hard disk. It is self-extracting/self-installing.

Click here to see all the features of the FASText program

For the FASText manual which has links to help/demo videos, click here.

This program is brought to you as a free trial and once you decide you can't do without it, we've reduced the price just for you guys during this introductory period. Just go to the store and get the unlock code for a markedly reduced price. (After all, we've spent hundreds of hours working on this program and we think it's a great value.)

Our thanks for beta testers - D.S., M.P., R.P., S.A., J.L. and others!

Our best to you and yours,

Bernard Pegis, MD and Tripp Bradd, MD

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